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I take my coffee iced.

I cannot believe it, I am on my 28th day of the 30 day Bikram yoga challenge!  I actually missed a day last week (which is allowed), so I have to take two classes today to make up for it.  9am class done… now it’s time to refuel and prepare myself for an afternoon class.

Normally I am so not a coffee drinker, but for some reason after class the idea of coffee sounded so good to me.  Maybe it was that Starbucks I walked by on the way home… Anyway, I knew that buying a soy latte was probably the worst thing to do after a 105 degree yoga class, so I decided on the next best thing… a slushy Coffee Smoothie in a Bowl!  Here’s what I used:

  • 1/2 a very large banana I had in the fridge (frozen would be even better!)
  • 5 ice cubes
  • handful baby spinach
  • 1 date (pitted) – to add some extra sweetness
  • 1 tsp instant decaf coffee (I use Mount Hagen brand)
  • 2-4 drops vanilla extract
  • a pinch salt
  • 1 tsp psyllium husk (to add a little fiber for fullness factor)

Using my Vitamix and the handy temper tool, I blended everything until it was the consistency of soft serve ice cream and scooped it in a bowl.  Normally I use frozen bananas to make it more like ice cream, but since I had none on hand I stuck my bowl in the freezer to firm up a bit while showering.  So, so good – it brings a whole new meaning to “iced coffee”.   😉    

Well guys, I’m going to relax for a bit after my tough class this morning.  I always have more trouble in morning Bikram classes because I’m all stiff from just waking up.  It’s totally worth it though because after it I feel energized, yet so calm and ready to face the day.  Especially after doing so many days in a row now, I just feel as though my energy levels have gone up so much – not making me hyper though – just making me feel like I can never tire.  I love it!


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Vegan Coconut Ice Cream

Happy Daylight Savings!  I always get kind of mixed up around this time… is it really 11 or 10am?  Maybe it’s partly because I got waaay too much sleep last night!  Whenever I sleep 8+ hours I always feel more tired than I did in the first place.  My long night’s sleep made my stomach extra rumbly this morning!  I wasn’t quite in the mood for my standard morning options though, but wanted something fruit-centric so I figured “why not ice cream?” 😉

I know it doesn’t sound healthy, but I promise you that this version is fit for breakfast or dessert!  No sugar, no dairy, no artificial stuff… how could you go wrong?  You could even add a little baby spinach for some added nutrition like I did in my Earth Day Ice Cream.  There are so many different variations you could try based upon this recipe, but this morning I wanted plain ‘ol coconut.

Coconut Soft-Serve (makes 2 large portions)

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut milk
  • 4 drops coconut extract
  • 6 ice cubes

If you want something a little sweeter, you could add stevia or something, but I love this as is.  Just throw everything in your vita mix and blend using the temper to push all of the ice cubes into the blades until soft, but not too long or it’ll be all melty!  I decided to make it extra decadent and mixed together a little coconut milk, raw cocoa powder, agave nectar and a pinch of salt for a rich chocolate sauce.   

That’s what I call a good reason to get out of bed in the morning!  Off to yoga now… I’m on day 14 of a Bikram 30-Day Yoga Challenge right now.  30 yoga classes in 30 days, and while you can miss up to two days, you have to make up the classes by doing two doubles (ie. 3 hours of HOT yoga in one day).

I’ve tried this once before, back in September, but I had to bow out after day 19 because I had missed three days and only made up on of them.  This time I’m hoping to get through straight through without missing any days – wish me luck!

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Savasana & Stew

Today I was lucky enough to have a day off from work, so after waiting for the arrival of my Wedding invites (they look awesome!!) I decided to take advantage of all that free time and head over to my Bikram Yoga studio.  I don’t know what got into me, but after my first class with Kara that was amaze, I decided to actually stay and participate in the next class with Lorenza!  I had never done a back to back double, but let me tell you, three hours of Bikram in a 100+ degree room is intense!  During the 1/2 hour break before the second class started I grabbed a Zico to get some electrolytes back into my body and then sailed through the second class.  It seriously went by so much faster and my concentration was outta this world!  Of course… final Savasana was maybe my favorite pose of the day.   😉

When I got back home I was happy I had prepped dinner the night before.  I was making a variation of Mark Bittman’s Braised Lentils with Celery listed in “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian”, although I’ve changed it SO much (mine’s actually more of a stew bc I like it soupy), that I will post it here for you guys.

Celery Stew – serves 4-6 

  • 1 head celery, chopped including leaves
  • 1 medium onion, chopped
  • 3 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1-2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 c. green/brown lentils
  • 4 cups veggie broth
  • 1 bay leaf
  • 1/4 cup red wine (or more broth)
  • 1/4 lemon, juiced
  • salt & pepper to taste
  • water as needed to thin
  1. After prepping all of the veggies, heat the oil in a deep stock pot and throw in the celery, onion and garlic.  Cook for about 6-8 minutes until the veggies begin to soften.
  2. Pour in the veggie broth, lentils, bay leaf, lemon juice and wine (I actually used sake this time simply because it was on hand) and bring the pot to a boil.  Immediately lower the heat so that the mixture is simmering and cover partially.  Season with salt and pepper.
  3. Simmer the stew about 30 minutes until the lentils are tender, but if you have more time keep it on the stove!  Soups and stews always improve over time.  If the stew doesn’t seem soupy enough to you, add some additional water and heat through.  I almost always do simply because I love the earthy broth.
  4. Pour into a bowl & enjoy!

This is soo good along with some whole wheat crusty bread, but since I has none on hand I just ate it on it’s own.  It was magical.  Okey, I am officially spent so I’m going to go zone out in front of some Law & Order – enjoy your night!

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