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Ginger Miso Stir-fry!

I spent all day hoping for the snow to actually start sticking so that I could go home early, but unfortunately all I got was wet mush – ugh!  I hit up the gym after work to get rid of my frustration at the disappointing wintery mix with some serious pool time.  32 Laps = 1 full mile of swimming.  Yup, I am part mermaid.   :mrgreen:

I left the gym feelin’ like a complete Starvin’ Marvin and had a seeerious hankering for some comfort food!  Ok, well in my world comfort food comes from Candle Cafe.  😀 Candle Cafe is by far my favorite order-out place in NYC… it’s a fabulous vegetarian restaurant with a focus on organic, seasonal cuisine.  Even the meat eating brother-in-law and fiance love it!  My hands down favorite dish there is the Ginger Miso Stir-fry.  Satisfied a serious craving my friends…

Check it.

So after the most awesome dinner ever I got ta thinking… why can’t I make this myself?  And so begins the Ginger-Miso dressing experiment.  I googled “ginger-miso dressing” today and got a TON of results.  I mashed them all together and made my first attempt at re-creating the sauce of the gods. 🙂  No, I haven’t fully tested this out yet so I might have to make a few tweaks to the dressing, so as of now the recipe’s a secret. 😉

Stay tuned for what’s inside this creamy deliciousness… I need to make sure things are perfect before I release it to the public.  Nighty-night chickadees!


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The Veggie Post

I’m a bit hesitant in writing this post, so I just want to caveat this by saying that I am not as education as I could/should be about the environmental/social/moral, etc. issues connected with choosing to eat meat, dairy, eggs or any animal byproducts.  On and off for the past year or so I have been 99% pescetarian in my eating habits.  I stopped eating dairy a while ago because I’m lactose intolerant, but used to enjoy it on occasion in small amounts despite the fact that my body is not such a huge fan of it.  However, upon educating myself a bit more about the treatment of dairy cows I am more resolved than ever to never touch the stuff again.  There are a few sources that can provide additional information on these practices if anyone is interested. Dairy source 1; Dairy Source 2

Anyway, in the past few months I have successfully cut all meat from my diet as well as reduced the amount of fish I eat.  I am a bit nervous about the claims that soy may be hazardous to your health in large amounts due to it’s estrogenic properties, so I try to incorporate more tempeh (since it’s fermented soy the same rules don’t apply for soy milk or tofu), beans/legumes/nuts and homemade seitan.  However, I emphasis the fact that I prefer to eat homemade seitan as much as possible.  I try to eat as cleanly as possible and don’t want to lose out on good nutrition via overly processed foods simply because I am ingesting non-animal proteins.

That being said, after watching The Cove (I posted my review of the movie here), and learning more about the effects of eating “high on the food chain”, I would really like to try out full-on vegetarianism.  I’m honestly not sure if I can bear giving up fish (sushi is my favorite food in the world), but I am going to give it a try for the duration of lent and see how I fare.

I know that becoming vegetarian will be easy when I’m at my own apartment because I never buy meat or fish to cook myself, but I think it will be most difficult in terms of socialization.  The nature of my job is such that I go out to lunch and dinner a lot, and insurance being a male-dominated industry; we generally end up at steakhouses or restaurants with little to no vegetarian options listed on the menu.  Unfortunately for me I don’t like pasta either L , so I might have to be a little inventive in my ordering.  Anyway, I think that by putting this out into the blogosphere I will be held more accountable for my Lenten resolution.

I will of course still be participating in Vegan Thursdays too! Kudos to you if you actually made it to the end of this epic post!!  Your prize?  Pictures of my dins… 😉

Homemade Miso Soup & Butternut Squash Fries!!

Wait, before you go – I’m really interested in trying to educate myself further about the benefits of vegetarianism/veganism in terms of health, ethics, and environmental concerns. Any info you can provide via comments or email ( is welcome! Please feel free to email me here or post is you have any information you think may be beneficial for me to read or watch.  Thanks!

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