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Chained to my desk…

Not getting to venture out to get lunch today – I am up to my eyeballs in work!  Good thing I packed an emergency lunch yesterday.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go out to lunch, but I figured I’d bring it just in case; plus it certainly saves me some cash!  I’m hoping to maybe squeeze in a run after work today before I head over to play with the sister’s new puppy.  I would prefer to run in the park, but due to the time constraint maybe I’ll just go down to the gym and see if the treadmill is open.  I tried to go this morning, but the only free machine was broken. 😦

Lunch was a salad topped with about 3/4 cup chopped baby carrots, a chopped plum tomato, a few spoon-fulls Dijon mustard and a can of chunk light tuna (not pictured).  I also ran over to Elixir to get a bag of Glenny’s BBQ soy crisps.  Not sure if you have ever had these, but they are delicious!  Lots of flavor, excellent crunch, lots of protein and calcium (especially for a chip) and you cannotbeat the ingredients.  Non-GMO soy flour, rice, sea salt… how can you go wrong??  Seriously, check out their website when you get a chance and see if any of the stores near you carry them.


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