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Thoughts on working out…

I was just reading over an old post from For The Love of Oats and I wanted to reiterate what Lindsay has written about “what makes a workout effective”.  This is actually something that I think about on occasion I’m at the gym as opposed to exercising on my own because it’s so easy to look around and compare what you’re doing to what everyone else is doing.  I think it’s really important to keep your personal fitness goals in perspective when working out in a gym or around others.  Just because the girl next to you has more resistance on her ET, or the guy behind you is lifting a heavier weight than you use, it does not mean that your workout is inferior.  People may be trying to accomplish different goals or be at different levels of experience.  Maybe the girl next to you is training for a race, or the guy behind you might have been lifting weights for many years longer than you. 

I know that sometimes it’s fun to “challenge” the other people in the gym – see if you can run for longer than the person next to you, or do more crunches than another person, but it’s important that you don’t over-extend yourself and go past where your body can handle. 

Personally I like to do more frequent and less intense workouts than one or two gut-busting workouts a week; but that’s just me.  I am only trying to stay in shape, not lose or gain weight, so for me this is the perfect plan.  Just remember – whether you work out for 5 minutes or 50 minutes – that’s better than 0 minutes so be happy with yourself.  If you don’t maintain a healthy mindset and body image, it will certainly be difficult to be maintain yourself physically.  Stress can do awful things to a body…


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