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It’s beginning to look alot like Christmas!

Things I learned today…  1) Working from home is amazing & relaxing.  2) Lunches while working from home are amazing.  3.) I am obsessed with snow.

So I finally broke for lunch and realized that since I was home I had the awesome benefit of a kitchen, oven, cutting board, fridge, etc.  I figured the best way to boost your immune system is to fill it with lots of healthy goodies so I got to work on making some fantastic sweet potato fries to go along with some raw carrots and a Dr. Praeger’s Cali Burger w/ melty cheddar cheese on top.  Plus some corn chips and BBQ cape cod potato chips for “dessert”.img_2273

img_2276img_2278I have to say, I am seriously addicted to all these orange variations of fries I’ve been having recently.  Sweet potato fries, butternut squash fries… I can’t get enough of ’em!!  I mean, just look at those babies…  I baked them at 425 for about 35 minutes with a light sprinkling of olive oil, salt and pepper.img_2272While I was eating I looked outside to see the most magical sight in the world… big snowflakes falling down!!  😀  I. Love. Snow.img_22692

Admittedly not the best picture, but that’s the best I could do without actually crawling out onto the fire escape.  It made me feel all warm and Christmasy inside.  Ok lovies, enjoy your afternoon and don’t forget to get working on some carroty creations!!


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Without further ado…

I know it’s been quite a while, but I’m fiinally posting. Even though Mondays are supposed to be the most un-fun day of the week, I actually had a pretty good day. I started out the morning with some plain yogurt mixed with a sliced medium banana, tbsp honey, and a nice sprinkling of cinnamon. I wasn’t feeling super hungry this morning, so I bypassed my regular snack once I got into work and just had a few cups of English breakfast tea with milk.

For lunched I packed some leftover, boiled edamame (which I heated up in the microwave), a Kinnikinnick gluten-free english muffin with TJ’s crunchy PB and strawberry jam, and a salad topped with Dijon mustard. So good if you’ve never tried it!! I also had a banana and a fruit leather in the afternoon, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of those.

After work I had to run a bit of errands for the bf, but I stuck to my plan and got in a nice 3.8 mi run when I got back. I would’ve preferred to run outside, but it was just easier to go to the gym.

In light of saving money I used what I had on hand and made a delicious bowl of Pasta Puttanesca. The only thing that was missing was the kalamata olives. Oh well, it tasted great without. I used: a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves (minced), 1 thin-sliced chicken breast (cut into bite-sized pieces), 2 anchovy fillets (minced), s+p to taste, and 1 tbsp capers added at the end. I add the capers when everything is pretty much done cooking and only let them heat through for a minute or two so that they don’t lose all of their flavor to the sauce. The same goes for olives; if I had any I would’ve added them at the end in order to save the delicate flavor. Topped everything off with some Parmesan cheese. 😀

I also made myself a little salad with chopped carrots and the last of my homemade hummus. A splash of balsamic vin

egar and I was all set!!

After dinner I caught up on my Gossip Girl, and then took a tip from KERF and prepared 3 portions of banana oatymeal for breakfast this week. This will definitely save me a ton of time in the morning.

After I was all done I grabbed a cup of frozen grapes and some of the yummiest things in the world… Snap Pea Crisps by Calbee.

Product Review:

These are baked snap peas, but are so light and crunchy. I definitely give these 5 Stars!! They’re healthy, delicious and so wonderfully crunchy. I would use these in place of potato chips alongside a sandwich any day! Check them out HERE. I love tasty snacks that taste naughty but are actually totally good for you. Nobody wants to feel like a girl scout for eating healthy… you should always try to eat right, but you should really be enjoying what you’re eating. Otherwise you’ll never be satisfied. 😉

I had about an ounce of these, which the package lists as a serving, and for once I feel like the serving actually equals what I would eat as a snack. Often times I feel like manufacturers make the “servings” waaaay too small.  You can find these in most Trader Joe’s and on (and probably some other stores, those are just where I’ve seem ’em).

Good night everybody!!!!


**Updated 10-24-08

I just realized I never posted the dinner that I was oh-so-proud of from the Friday before this!!!

I tried out See Bride Run’s Sweet Potato Stacks.  They turned out sooo amazing!!  Thanks for the recipe! 🙂  I paired these along with some chicken breasts coates with a few Tbsp brown rice flour mixed with salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary.  Then I boiled some edamame to have on the side.  It was so so good!  The bf particularly liked the presentation…

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Peel and chop 2 medium sweet potatoes into large chunks.
  2. Boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes, and then pulse in food processor with a splash of skim milk.
  3. Line 6 muffin tins with tin foil and scooped 1/4 of the mixture into the bottom of each tin. Layer 1/8 cup of canned black beans (drained) on top of each layer of sweet potato.
  4. Add another layer of sweet potato on top of each stack.
  5. Bake the stacks for about 20 minutes at 375.
  6. Let cool a few minutes and then carefully removed the filled foil linings of each muffin tin and layer one on top of the other.

Makes 3 stacks

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