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Lunching in style

Lunch with underwriters turned out to be quite tasty!  I would argue that the prices are a bit inflated ($30 for lunch salad – do dessert or appetizers??), but hey it’s New York… and more pointedly TriBeCa.  The inside of the place was definitely really cool though – perfect place for a relaxed business lunch.   

Now I know I’m supposed to be avoiding wheat, but they had the most Amazing rosemary-herbed rolls.  They had chunks of sea salt baked into the crust and were super light and buttery on the inside (oh how I love salty foods)…  I got the Waldorf-Chicken salad with the honey-Dijon vinaigrette.  It was veryfilling – they gave me tons of the freshest tasking sliced chicken and candied walnuts.  I left a few of the walnuts in the bottom of the bowl though because they were a little sweet for my liking… not such a huge sweet tooth.  However, after lunch they gave us a plate with 1 tiny coconut meringue for each person that could convert any sweet hater.  Oh my gosh – so light, so fluffy, so sugary!!  If only I could’ve taken a picture of them.  They looked like mini porcelain jewelry boxes… ahhh so good!  I’m so ready for a nap though – my stomach is full!  A little sad my own lunch from home got put on hold, but hey, a free lunch at a nice restaurant – why would I pass that up??


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