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Oh Christmas tree…

I am finally back into the swing of things today.  I knocked out a 4 mile run this morning while my eyes were literally tearing up from the cold.  34 degrees is definitely a bit colder than I would like it to be when I’m running, but as long as I bundle it’s really not so bad.  The benefit I get in terms of being relaxed and ready to work afterwards is really worth just sucking it up and running.

After my run I rushed to get ready and flew out the door with a baggie full of Honey-Rice Puffins cereal, a blueberry Chobani and a banana from the street vendor.  It’s really been a while since I made myself a hot breakfast – maybe tomorrow that will happen.  img_21421img_21391

On my way to the subway I passed 3 different Christmas tree vendors with all of their trees lined up on the street.  It made me want one so bad!!  I cannot wait to get mine… I’ve even already named him.  😀  He’s going to be called “Vesper” (my sister mandated that he must be named) after a tradition I used to have at my summer camp growing up.  I went to Camp Nellie Huckins in New Hampshire for 5 years, and at night once or twice a week we would have this thing called “Vespers” where everybody would hold hands and walk together to the main lodge singing songs and then some of the counselors and older kids would put on a skit or something for us.  It sounds stupid, but seriously camp was one of my best childhood memories – I actually think the vespers ritual is based loosely on a Catholic evening prayer service.  Which makes sense because Huckins was a YMCA camp, so originally Christian.  Do you guys name your Christmas trees too??

Anyway… When I got to work I literally devoured my breakfast and dove into my ongoing pile of work.  I have a super busy day today; lots of work, meeting with my “little” then a concert with the bf.  I’d better get cracking!


December 3, 2008 at 10:21 am 7 comments

Hungry like the wolf!

I have a super full day today so this is going to be quick!  I went for a run this morning, but instead of running the loop that I have become accustomed to through the park, I decided not to continue around the loop and instead follow another road at one of the forks I normally pass.  Well after running down this way for a while I realized I was heading straight towards the Reservoir – way out of my way!  I quickly doubled back because I had gotten a late start on my run and didn’t want to be too late to work.  When I got into work i mapped my run and turns out I did 4.43 miles… awesome!!  That bring my total mileage from November 8th – today to 19.69 miles (running only)… that doesn’t even include all the walking I do!!img_18281

Breakfast needed to be carried in today since I was so short on time, so I got one of my last Chobanis out of the fridge – peach today – and threw about 2.5 cups of Honey-Rice and Cinnamon Puffins into a baggie and I was off!!  Ok, OK, I also had some peanut butter… 😀 


November 13, 2008 at 11:30 am 4 comments

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