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Happy Hour(s)


Today during lunch was my training for the Big Brothers Big Sistersworkplace mentoring program that I was chosen to participate in.  I’m seriously soo happy I got picked – I can’t wait to meet my little next week!

All of the littles are 10th graders at a public high school in New York City, so for a good portion of the training we were asked to think back to highschool and all of the problems & issues we faced – and then what new issues may have arisen today.  I have to say it was really such an eye opening exercise.  It wasn’t that long ago that I was in high school, but I grew up in the suburbs, so I never had the temptations or dangers that growing up in a city presents. 

Lunch today was a salad I made yesterday with hard-boiled egg, carrots, bell peppers and dijon mustard.  Oh my goodness was it delicious!!  I also had 2 small gala apples – seriously they’re so tiny!!  I’m used to my massive honey crisps, although they are quite adorable 🙂  

Anyway, hope everyone’s having a wonderful Friday!!  I got an email from my boss a few days ago about a staff meeting I have today from 3-5pm.  At first I was grumbling (2 hour meeting?!), but then I noticed the location of the meeting was a local pubby my office!  Yay for fun Fridays!!!  😀  Now that’s what I call Happy Hour(s)!!


I just tried my ZAP energy bar in the Cola Flavor… I’m sorry but it was disgusting!  It was like an old Coca-Cola with no carbonation and a little peanut flavor hardened into bar form.  Yuck!  I wish I could put this in a nice way, but I literlly spit it out after taking a bite – and I hate wasting food.  But hey, I just don’t like Coke or Pepsi, so maybe it’s just me??  Maybe not though…


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Spiced Apple Oats (and ZAP review)

For breakfast this morning after a short run and some bicep & tricep work, I decided to use up some of the Banana Oats that I had prepared earlier this week.  Man does that save time and cut down on cleaning pots in the morning.  It doesn’t taste quiteas delicious as freshly made oats, but it still beats instant any day! Yuck… hate that stuff. 

I threw in about 1/3 cup of the stewed, chopped gala apples that I had sitting in the fridge, and then I added an extra sprinkling of ginger powder to top it off (and milk of course to bring it back to life).  I had a spoonful of ZAP peanut butter to go along with it… plus another small spoonful halfway through.  I have to say, after giving it a second thought, ZAP isn’t as bad as I made it out to be, but it simply doesn’t taste like peanut butter.

 I tried the stuff again last night smeared on a rice cake with a drizzle of honey and it was quite delicious.  It works well with the sweet tangy flavor of the honey because of it’s own unique flavor.  Ok here’s my official product review of the ZAP peanut butter:

Product Review – ZAP creamy natural peanut butter:

I gave this product 3 out of 5 stars, and here is my reasoning…  While the ZAP butter doesn’t tastequite like normal peanut butter, it still has a good peanutty flavor, with a sweetness that reminds me of Valencia peanuts.  The main complaint I have is that I found it to have an odd after taste – not unpleasant, just unexpected.  I did not like the PB on a sandwich, but I did like it when it’s flavor was the main component of the dish (a la my rice cake and honey).  I also thought that it worked pretty well with my Banana Oats, but I missed the usual saltiness that provides a contrast to the mild sweetness of the banana.  Additionally this product offers great nutritional benefits.  Boasting 1,100 antioxidants per serving due to the blend of 10 different fruits and veggies added, this would be a really good idea to sneak into childen’s pb&j sandwiches, etc.  But don’t take my word for it… try it yourself HERE!

I’ll finish my post with a picture of the breakfast guest that I had while I was finishing my oats.  He was talking to me here quite loudly to let me know that he wanted some attention.  His name is Peekay (named after the main character in my favorite book The Power of One) and the picture is blurry because he is rarely sitting still.  Such a cutie though!

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Jury’s out!

Unfortunately the close-up that I took of my sandwich didn’t come out.   😦   Oh well.

Anyway, I tried the new ZAP natural creamy peanut butter on my sandwich today with some stewed apples… I hate to say this because they were so nice in giving me free samples to try, but I was not impressed.  It just didn’t taste like peanut butter… almost sweet instead of salty with a very odd after taste.  Before I officially rate this product though, I want to give it another shot.  Perhaps it just didn’t go well with the stewed apple chunks on my sandwich. 

I’ll try it again this afternoon straight off the spoon and get back to ya!  Kind of dissapointing though because otherwise it’d be a really great product!  Very interesting idea though… it consists of: roasted peanuts, salt, beets, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, banana, blueberry, orange peel, strawberry and tart cherry.  It boasts 1,100 antioxidants per serving!!  I have to say though, it doesnt taste bad, and if I had kids (or maybe a bf that doesn’t eat enough fruits & veggies) I would definitely buy it for the health value.  I’m sure if I had jelly on my sandwich it would be perfectly disguised as regular peanut butter.  Like I said though… the jury’s still out on this one.  Of course I still have 2 ZAP protein bars to try!!

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BIG… and little news.

I was able to get up a few minutes earlier today, ran down to the gym and I got a machine!!  Yess.  I did 25 minutes on the ET for about 3.5 miles and was pooped afterwards! 🙂   I always tend to turn my nose up at those machines because they’re not “real running”, but I forgot to factor in the ability to adjust resistance and incorporate my arms into my workout.  Maybe I’ll start incorporating that more regularly into my workouts from now on.

I came back upstairs and dug into my one of my Chobani yogurts that Amanda Hinman from Chobani was kind enough to send over… one word – amazing.  I took some Mother’s PB bumpers with me to work, but seriously the real star here was the yogurt.

Product Review – Chobani Strawberry 0% yogurt:

This was by far the thickest, creamiest tasting yogurt I have ever tried.  I’ve had all kind of yogurt, including full-fat cream line yogurt, and seriously nothing can compare to this in texture or flavor.  I normally eat plain yogurt, but this is one flavored yogurt worth buying!  And with 14 g of proteinthis is a great start to my day.  The chunks of strawberry in the yogurt are very generous and the mouth-feel is unbeatable, plus it’s all natural.  It does have sugar added, but you know what?  I’d much rather have sugar in my yogurt than Splenda or some other synthetic chemical.  This yogurt gets 5+ stars in my opinion.  I can’t wait to try all the other flavors.  I was also looking online at Chobani’s website and saw a recipe for Greek tzatziki sauce using the plain yogurt that I cannot wait to try!

I just got some really BIG  news… I was picked to be park of my office’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring program!  My training session is this Friday and then I get to meet my new little next Wednesday.  We meet every other week at the end of the day and work with our littles on their homework, preparing for the SAT’s, etc.  They are all high school aged and in a special school that makes the kids do internships during the school year to prepare them better for college and beyond.  I can’t wait to meet everyone!!  😀

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Without further ado…

I know it’s been quite a while, but I’m fiinally posting. Even though Mondays are supposed to be the most un-fun day of the week, I actually had a pretty good day. I started out the morning with some plain yogurt mixed with a sliced medium banana, tbsp honey, and a nice sprinkling of cinnamon. I wasn’t feeling super hungry this morning, so I bypassed my regular snack once I got into work and just had a few cups of English breakfast tea with milk.

For lunched I packed some leftover, boiled edamame (which I heated up in the microwave), a Kinnikinnick gluten-free english muffin with TJ’s crunchy PB and strawberry jam, and a salad topped with Dijon mustard. So good if you’ve never tried it!! I also had a banana and a fruit leather in the afternoon, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of those.

After work I had to run a bit of errands for the bf, but I stuck to my plan and got in a nice 3.8 mi run when I got back. I would’ve preferred to run outside, but it was just easier to go to the gym.

In light of saving money I used what I had on hand and made a delicious bowl of Pasta Puttanesca. The only thing that was missing was the kalamata olives. Oh well, it tasted great without. I used: a 28 oz. can of crushed tomatoes, 2 garlic cloves (minced), 1 thin-sliced chicken breast (cut into bite-sized pieces), 2 anchovy fillets (minced), s+p to taste, and 1 tbsp capers added at the end. I add the capers when everything is pretty much done cooking and only let them heat through for a minute or two so that they don’t lose all of their flavor to the sauce. The same goes for olives; if I had any I would’ve added them at the end in order to save the delicate flavor. Topped everything off with some Parmesan cheese. 😀

I also made myself a little salad with chopped carrots and the last of my homemade hummus. A splash of balsamic vin

egar and I was all set!!

After dinner I caught up on my Gossip Girl, and then took a tip from KERF and prepared 3 portions of banana oatymeal for breakfast this week. This will definitely save me a ton of time in the morning.

After I was all done I grabbed a cup of frozen grapes and some of the yummiest things in the world… Snap Pea Crisps by Calbee.

Product Review:

These are baked snap peas, but are so light and crunchy. I definitely give these 5 Stars!! They’re healthy, delicious and so wonderfully crunchy. I would use these in place of potato chips alongside a sandwich any day! Check them out HERE. I love tasty snacks that taste naughty but are actually totally good for you. Nobody wants to feel like a girl scout for eating healthy… you should always try to eat right, but you should really be enjoying what you’re eating. Otherwise you’ll never be satisfied. 😉

I had about an ounce of these, which the package lists as a serving, and for once I feel like the serving actually equals what I would eat as a snack. Often times I feel like manufacturers make the “servings” waaaay too small.  You can find these in most Trader Joe’s and on (and probably some other stores, those are just where I’ve seem ’em).

Good night everybody!!!!


**Updated 10-24-08

I just realized I never posted the dinner that I was oh-so-proud of from the Friday before this!!!

I tried out See Bride Run’s Sweet Potato Stacks.  They turned out sooo amazing!!  Thanks for the recipe! 🙂  I paired these along with some chicken breasts coates with a few Tbsp brown rice flour mixed with salt, pepper, thyme and rosemary.  Then I boiled some edamame to have on the side.  It was so so good!  The bf particularly liked the presentation…

Here’s the recipe:

  1. Peel and chop 2 medium sweet potatoes into large chunks.
  2. Boil the potatoes for about 20 minutes, and then pulse in food processor with a splash of skim milk.
  3. Line 6 muffin tins with tin foil and scooped 1/4 of the mixture into the bottom of each tin. Layer 1/8 cup of canned black beans (drained) on top of each layer of sweet potato.
  4. Add another layer of sweet potato on top of each stack.
  5. Bake the stacks for about 20 minutes at 375.
  6. Let cool a few minutes and then carefully removed the filled foil linings of each muffin tin and layer one on top of the other.

Makes 3 stacks

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