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Weekend Recap + Recipes

This entire weekend was such a blur… I can’t believe it’s Monday already!  Sometimes I feel like life runs on fast forward.  Seriously.  Here’s the whole weekend recap w/ pictures.

Saturday was definitely a day chock full of walking!  After a lazy morning I went for a nice walk through the park and then settled down for lunch.  But first I snacked on one of my GF walnut blondies (for energy 🙂 ) 

Lunch was a California Burger (my favorite!) with Dijon mustard, salt & vinegar Utz chips, some chips and salsa and some of the bf’s Turkey Jerky.

The turkey jerky was surprisingly good… and very peppery.  Yum!!

After lunch (and a small handful of peanuts) we decided to hit the museums despite the fact that it was trying to rain.  We ended up getting caught in it a little bit during our long trek, but at least it wasn’t super cold.  We may have looked like wet rats wandering around the Metropolitan Museum of Art, but it was definitely fun!  We snacked on some delicious raw Brazil nuts there (shhh no food allowed inside!) while we wandered through room after room of Egyptian pottery and Spanish sculptures.  I seriously love that place.

Since the wind and rain had really begun to pick up by early evening, and we were both pretty beat after walking about 10 miles that day – literally! – we decided to make it a movie night.  There was tons of leftover beef stew, but I opted for a baked potato w/ butter and plain yogurt, some steamed veggies w/ Parmesan and just a little stew as a potato topping.  I love leftovers because they’re easy, but I prefer to freeze leftovers so that I’m not eating the same thing two days in a row.  Unfortunately though I couldn’t freeze the stew because it had potatoes in it and those turn black in the freezer.  Gross.

We watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which I thought was hilarious, but men be warned: there is a good amount of male nudity.  The bf thinks that a female produced the movie bc for once you didn’t see naked girls and saw naked guys instead.  About time!  It gets a little uncomfortable after a while when every movie and TV show is all about showing naked or half naked women with flawless bodies about every 2 minutes.  We also enjoyed a bottle of wine from one of the vineyards we visited in Sonoma – Ledson.  So delicious!!

I also had a big glass of Pinot Grigio from an old bottle we had been saving…

I totally got the wine munchies late night and had some Late July sandwich crackers and Fererro Rocher chocolates.  In fact, I had a little too many because I woke up feeling awful!  😳 

Sunday was definitely a fun day, despite waking up with a bad tummy ache.  I wasn’t hungry at all for breakfast and was feeling a bit sick, but after a few cups of ginger tea I was feeling a bit better.  I woke up sort of late though so in a few hours I was feeling up to making myself some lunch.  I had a sliced apple, some frozen grapes (x2), plain yogurt with a large frozen banana stirred in, and some homemade applesauce.  Yum!

To make the applesauce I peeled 1 large apple and cut it into chunks.  I tossed it into a bowl with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg and some fresh chopped ginger.  I have included pictures on how to easily peel a fresh ginger root that I learned from the food network last week.  It’s so easy!!

Take a spoon flipped upside down and scrape down against the skin of the ginger.

The skin should come off easily with a few firm downward scraping motions.

Next cut off the exposed root and mince into tiny pieces.  I added this to the chopped apples and nuked it all in the microwave for about 3 minutes.  Then I dumped the softened, steaming apples into the food processor and pureed until it was almost smooth with small chunks.  You don’t even need sugar because the warmed apples have a nice sweetness on their own!  After sucessfully making applesauce I decided to try my hand at something else – Homemade Peanut Butter!! 

 Homemade PB: – Here’s how it all came together:

  • 1 cup shelled, roasted peanuts (unsalted)
  • 1/8 tsp salt


This couldn’t be easier… throw the peanuts and salt into a food processor.  Pulse on and off until the peanuts are fully ground (so you don’t run out the motor).  Keep pulsing for a few minutes and you will see the mixture go from grainy to slightly moist as the oil is released.  When the mixture get to the ball stage you know it’s done!  It tasted sooo good!

After lunch the bf and I decided to do some shopping and then go to the park since it was such a nice day.  We brought a blanket and some homemade Long Island iced tea 😉  and enjoyed the sunny afternoon.  Afterward we headed over to one of our favorite bars to catch the end of the Giants game.  We each ordered a beer and a big plate of spicy Buffalo wings.  Those are totally my favorite bar food.  I use extra Tabasco sauce and eat all the celery stalks with spicy sauce on them.  I definitely spoiled my dinner though.  I had a plate of edamame when we got back and then had a few more snack back at my place while I watched the new Rambo with the brother (very gory).  I was dead by the end of the night!  Thankfully I was able to prepare some Banana Oatymeal for the week though as well as a few cups of brown rice to use throughout the week.

 **WordPress finally fixed whatever was preventing the picture earlier – enjoy!


October 27, 2008 at 11:34 am 8 comments

Jury’s out!

Unfortunately the close-up that I took of my sandwich didn’t come out.   😦   Oh well.

Anyway, I tried the new ZAP natural creamy peanut butter on my sandwich today with some stewed apples… I hate to say this because they were so nice in giving me free samples to try, but I was not impressed.  It just didn’t taste like peanut butter… almost sweet instead of salty with a very odd after taste.  Before I officially rate this product though, I want to give it another shot.  Perhaps it just didn’t go well with the stewed apple chunks on my sandwich. 

I’ll try it again this afternoon straight off the spoon and get back to ya!  Kind of dissapointing though because otherwise it’d be a really great product!  Very interesting idea though… it consists of: roasted peanuts, salt, beets, carrots, spinach, sweet potato, tomato, banana, blueberry, orange peel, strawberry and tart cherry.  It boasts 1,100 antioxidants per serving!!  I have to say though, it doesnt taste bad, and if I had kids (or maybe a bf that doesn’t eat enough fruits & veggies) I would definitely buy it for the health value.  I’m sure if I had jelly on my sandwich it would be perfectly disguised as regular peanut butter.  Like I said though… the jury’s still out on this one.  Of course I still have 2 ZAP protein bars to try!!

October 23, 2008 at 1:03 pm 6 comments

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