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Breaking the rules

Why is it that some people don’t seem to know the implicit rules of the gym – no more than 30 minutes on a machine if the gym is full and people are waiting!  Seriously people…  I went down to the gym this morning and all the machines were taken, so I politely tapped a girl who was on a treadmill if she was going to be on much longer (because I could read that she’d been on for 25 minutes already), to which she replied, “No I have about 20 minutes left” Grrrrr! 😡

Anyway… the roomie was down there too and he ended up only being on for about 5 minutes while I was there, so I just took his machine after he left.  I did a quick 20 minutes and logged on about 2.25 miles.  Unfortunately I think I strained my shin or something, because it was bothering me walking to the subway later on.  Then I went back up, showered, and started making some Banana Oatymeal!  I didn’t have any vanilla extract, but I just subbed in a tsp honey and it was still delicious.  I also had a little spoonful of PB – KERF has me totally addicted!

Unfortunately while I was eating I heard a crash from the kitchen… my mischevious little kitten had knocked over the garbage can.  When will he learn??  Looking forward to a great day today – got lots to do at work, but I like those days, it makes the time fly by.  Tonight I’m meeting a friend for a drink after work 😛 although I still need to confirm where… and then it’s laundry night!!  I officially have a mountain of clothes in my hamper.  At least I only have to go to the basement of the building!


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