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I feel a rumbly in my tumbly!

Yay, pears have been chosen as this week’s BSI!  Stay on the lookout for some pears sneaking their way into my food this week! 

Although the weather is very rainy/dreary today, my day is going by pretty well.  I have to admit I am looking forward to going home and hanging out in my PJ’s while I wait for my dinner to cook.  Still trying to decide what should be on the menu tonight – although I have a pretty good idea of what I’m craving…  😉  Lunch today was at my desk as usual – I was tempted to order Chinese food w/ some of my co-workers, but I’ve never eaten Chinese food and not felt incredibly sick and bloated afterwards (even when I get the healthy options) so I stuck to what I packed.  It was sooo yummy that I didn’t think twice about Fried Rice once I started.

I packed a salad chock full of goodies!  ! large chopped apple, 1 big stalk celery, 2 carrots and a handful of pistachios.  I threw everything in my Fit ‘N Fresh salad container with some balsamic vinegar for the dressing.  I love those containers because they’re so good about not leaking your dressing.  Genius!

Along with my salad I also had some plain yogurt topped with one of the most delicious things in the world: raw honey + a piece of honecomb!!! :mrgreen:  I absolutely love honeycombs.  Hehe I feel like Pooh Bear!  My mom used to get us these as treats when we were little.  Plus raw honey is extra good for you – containing bits of pollen and all the delightful antibacerial, etc properties of untreated honey.  It came from this jar of honey that my mom got for me…  I guard it with my life.

I also had a nature valley bar, which I crumbled into my yogurt once I ate the honeycomb off of it (since you have to spit out the wax).  I try to avoid eating food in bar form, but I love granola and it’s just so convenient in bar form like this.  Plus I have the tendency to just eat from the bag and keep going, so the individual bar form is kind of convenient for me.


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