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What to wear??

Today is definitely out to a better start than yesterday… always a good sign.  Only 3 days and a wake-up and then it’s Halloween!!  I sorta still haven’t decided what I’m going to be though.  I definitely have a few ideas floating around, but I haven’t quite pinned one down yet.  I will definitely be brainstorming today when I have a free minute here and there.

My workout this morning was great… 25 minutes on the treadmill and 2 sets of arms.  Not a ton, but the perfect amountfor the morning.  It’s funny how some adults think that working out everyday is unnecessary and tolling.  Don’t they remember back when they were kids??  Recess everyday, gym class twice a week, sports after school and on weekends, playdates with friends running around outside… and then in highschool sports practice gets more intense and lasts even longer.  We probably used to get hours and hours of exercise a day!  And people can’t suck it up and do something for 20-30 minutes a day??  Crazy.

I had my Banana Oats w/ golden raisins and ZAP peanut butter again.  Sooo good!  I like golden raisins so much better than normal ones, and let me tell you, ZAP is definitely growing on me!  It doesn’t taste like normal PB, but if you start eating it, you stop noticing the taste difference and start loving the slightly sweet flavor… and the 1,100 antioxidants per serving!!  😀 

Have you guys figured out your Halloween costumes yet??  I was Lara Croft from Tomb Raider last year, but I don’t know what I want to do… maybe Pebbles Flintstone (although I did that in kindergarten), or Pocahontas??  Help!!


October 28, 2008 at 9:00 am 7 comments

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