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Whoa, I’m feelin a little stuffed right now!  For lunch I brought in some leftover Swiss Chard Pie from last night, which was amazing after a minute or two in the microwave!!  I could seriously eat that stuff every day and be perfectly happy. 😀 The feta, the chard, the crust… it’s just like heaven to me.  I actually requested it on my birthday this year along with grilled steak the way most people would request a birthday cake.  Yes, I know – weird.img_21381

img_21391I went downstairs to the grocery store across the street to get something to eat on the side and I settled on another Blueberry Chobani!  I used the same pic from this morning in case you’re wondering…  I know, 2 in one day is a little odd, but it is my favorite flavor and is like dessert. 

img_21401Since I knew I was meeting my little this afternoon and wouldn’t be able to grab a snack at my desk I opted to eat my Chocolate Brownie Gnu Bar along with lunch.  Good lord… those things might be small, but the 12 grams of fiber left me totally stuffed!!  That’s 50% of the daily recommended fiber amount!  I really enjoyed the flavor too – all the whole grains made this bar extra chewy and it was thankfully not too sweet at all!  Really can’t wait to try all the other flavors… I’m not a big chocolate person, but today I was totally craving this.  Let’s hope this hold me over until dinner though – or at least until I get back to my apartment and I can make a quick snack.  I’m going to see Vampire Weekendwith the bf and some of his friends tonight.  Really excited… I don’t know many songs, but they play them alot on 90210 and I like what I’ve heard so far!!  Hoping the afternoon goes by quickly…  🙂


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Presents!!! :)

I came home today to two lovely packages… the first package was another box of Chobani!!  To be fair I let them know that they had already sent me a box, but Tiffany at Chobani is apparently very aware of how much I love her lovely yogurts.  😀  IMG_2124

Just look at those beauties… apparently I wasn’t the only one curious to see what was inside.  Peekay couldn’t resist poking his little Siamese face around the box of goodies.IMG_2127

My second box o’ treats was from the lovely people at Gnu!  I got a wonderful assortment of Gnu bars to try.  I’m so excited – I’ve never tried their bars and cannot wait to try them.IMG_2128

IMG_2129 Especially this flavor…

I whipped up a fabulous Swiss Chard Pie for dinner and popped it in the oven to cook.  It’s not really pie, more like a Swiss Chard souffle over a delicious crispy gluten-free bottom crust.  I’ve never made it on my own though so I was a little nervous…IMG_2133

Since it takes almost an hour to cook I decided to whip up a batch of chocolate snap cookie dough for some Faux-Reos I’m making for Christmas.  This is part of Christmas task #1.  I get incredibly excited about Christmas if you haven’t noticed…IMG_2134 IMG_2137

When my Chard Pie was ready I dug in… so insanely delicious!  Swiss Chard wasn’t on sale, so I subbed in spinach.  I guess it was technically Spinach Pie… Regardless, it was sooo good.  Afterwards I had a nice bowl of popcorn while catching up on yesterday’s Gossip Girl and PrivilegedIMG_1982

Off to do more Christmas crafts!!  G’night moon!

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