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Welcome friends! :)

Yayy.. comments! I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so I appreciate everyone stopping by and leaving comments. I’m at work right now, so pictures will be posted later, but I enjoyed some delicious homemade hummus for lunch today along with a bag of baby carrots, some plain yogurt with honey and some cheesy popcorn. Quite an odd mix of things, I know… My breakfast and snack held me over wonderfully this morning – now I know why Kath eats oatmeal every morning! For those of you who asked about my cereal, here’s a link to the Mother’s Natural website. I discovered this cereal in San Francisco a few months ago and am addicted!! According to my (homeopathic) doctor I have a slight wheat allergy, so I am supposed to stay away from as many wheat products as possible — thankfully she said this wouldn’t be permanent. Not entirely sure if they are gluten free though…

Things are craaazy here at work right now… thank goodness it’s hump day! 😛 Kind of random, but I have a question out there for everybody… what’s your favorite cocktail or mixed drink? Any fun, new combos I should try out? I was thinking about that this morning when I opened my fridge and saw my Ginger Beer that is patiently waiting to be combined with some Gosling’s rum for a delicious Dark and Stormy. I think I’m addicted to anything gingery… like the Ginger People’s ginger chews… yum!


October 15, 2008 at 1:37 pm 3 comments

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