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Day 1 – check.

Wanna know what I ate today?  I’ll give you a hint… you can slurp it all up through a straw.  That’s right, I just finished the first day of my 3-day BluePrint Cleanse – Foundation Level.  The juices are all raw & unpasteurized and quite tasty I might add!  I started off my day with Green Juice, which was filled with Romaine, Celery, Cucumber, Kale, Parsley, Green Apple, Spinach, Lemon.  

Since I did the Foundation level, there were actually three of these spread through the day (juices 1, 3 and 5).  The next juice was one of my favorites… the Pineapple, Apple & Mint Juice.  Yummers!  …followed by another Green Juice.  

Juice numero cuatro was a Spicy Lemonade made out of Lemon, Agave and Cayenne Pepper.  I seriously love this juice regardless of how gross it sounds.  I’ve heard people say it’s similar to the Master Cleanse, but I’ve never tried that one so I have to trust their word on that.  …followed by the final Green Juice.  

Drumroll please for the best part of my day… Cashew Milk!!!  

This drink is a mix of Raw Cashews, Vanilla, Cinnamon and Agave and tastes like heaven in a bottle.  Ever since my first time doing the BPC I have actually started making this drink in my Vita-Mix quite regularly.  It helps to soak the cashews when making it yourself, but the Vita-Mix is so crazy powerful you almost don’t have to.

How do I feel?  Quite good actually!  I normally eat mainly vegan with the occasional sushi/sashimi dinner so I didn’t have much “preparation” to do before this.  Last time I think my body was being filled with a lot more junk so I experienced some detox side effects like headache, fatigue and nausea, but this time so far so good.  At work today I was kind of cold, but then again I’m normally cold at work…  I was actually even able to hit the gym and get a swim in!  I limited myself to 1/2 mile so as not to burn myself out because I want to be able to go to spin class tomorrow.

Ok chickadees, I know it’s only 8:48pm, but I’m off to get ready for bed.  Although it is a nutritional cleanse and provides lots of vitamins and still gives you 1,250 calories.  Not a ton, but way more than most “fasts”.


May 13, 2010 at 7:59 pm 5 comments

“I crown thee…”

I got an award!!!

I’m blushing, thanks Monica 😛

With this award, I have to list 7 things, one of which is true… you guys have to guess which one it is!!

1.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in high school.

2.  I don’t like wine – gives me headaches.

3.  I love mushrooms (not the magical kind).

4.  I’ve been to a bull-fight in Spain while I was living there.

5.  I’ve gone skydiving.

6.  I once met Robert Pattinson.

7.  I live in Cali.

I’ll post the answer in my next post!

And now for the eats…

I made a stir fry out of soba noodles, red cabbage, carrots, dried chilis, broccoli & red onion.  I made a sauce out of Mirin, Soy Sauce, Rice Wine Vinegar, ginger powder, red pepper flakes.  Loved it!!  I actually created this meal for a reason, but more on that later.  😉  I’ll give you a hint… it has to do with Detoxing.

March 18, 2010 at 7:18 pm 3 comments

Trigger Point

A few days ago my sister was telling me about a 21-day detox called Clean Program she and her husband are about to start.  It sounds really intriguing – basically you make a smoothie in the morning and at night with a special mix of protein powder, vitamins and minerals and you can add nut milk and berries, and then during the day you eat one solid meal (if you’re not looking to lose weight you can snack as much as you want too), but it needs to be on the “approved food” list.  Basically it excludes peanuts, all dairy, sugar, artificial sweetners, red meat, caffeine, alcohol, soy derived products, wheat and a few other things since they are all natural known allergens.  The whole point is that once you’re done you gradually add in each group one at a time to figure out what foods do and do not agree with you – your “trigger foods”.

While I am not doing the cleanse because I feel I eat pretty clean as it is and honestly I just can’t justify spending $350 right now, I was really intrigued.  It got me thinking about a lot of foods I eat and how they make me feel.  There are certain foods that if I eat, I can’t control how much I eat and I get sort of a weird “high” where I then want to eat just to eat, not out of hunger.  These foods don’t sit well with me either and tend to affect me even the day after eating them.  I haven’t fully identified all of my trigger foods, but I have a sneaking suspicion sugar is the culprit.  Sugar sneaks it way into many foods that you don’t realize – ketchup, white breads, and shockingly even dairy! — read this article if you’re interested about the sugar found in dairy.

I want to do an experiment to see if there is any noticeable difference in how I feel, both physically and mentally, if I completely cut out sugar (aside from those found naturally in fruits & vegetables) for one week.  That means no white/brown sugar, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, molasses, artificial sweetners, and honey.  I’m even cutting out bananas just because they can be so high in sugar when ripe.  Of course, I still plan to have stevia and maybe even agave nectar, because both products have never had any adverse effects on me.  It won’t be a perfect experiment, because like I said – sugar hides everywhere – but I’m going to just use my best judgement on what to avoid.

Sorry for the epic post guys!  I just got really intrigued by all of that.  I will leave you with a picture of my deliciousness this morning – a Chocolate Popeye Special!!  Just add cocoa powder kiddies.  😉  

I mixed up the fruits today too and used strawberries, blueberries and papaya just because I had them on hand – it was amazing!!

March 13, 2010 at 12:22 pm 5 comments

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