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December Challenge update

After catching up on some of your lovely bloggies I realized that I haven’t posted an update on my December Challenge yet.  No I’m not hosting a contest or anything, this is just a personal challenge I decided to start after Bobbi’s “Pile On The Miles” challenge.  Basically I just want to beat my 63.57 total mileage from the POTM challenge during the month of December.  I’ll be totaling all the miles I run or walk from December 1st – December 31st.  Well, not all the miles I walk because I’m not counting the walk to and from the subway on my way to and from work every day…  that just seems obsessive to me.  Basically if I go on a long 2+ mile walk and can track the mileage then I will add it – if not it’s not going to get counted.  So… total mileage as of 12/09 is: 20.46 miles.  Not too shabby, but if I want to beat 63.57 I’d better start hitting the pavement!  The plan is to run in the a.m. the rest of the week, but we’ll see how that goes since I have a holiday party at the Plaza Hotel for work on Thursday (excited!!).img_22021

untitledimg-2195.jpgLunch today was some leftovers from last night… diced Rosemary Roasted Acorn Squash over some brown rice.  I also had a strawberry Chobani and a massive Macintosh apple (same pic from yesterday guys, sorry…  I know, it’s kind of a boring sounding lunch, but I refuse to buy groceries this week.  Between Christmas gifts, semi-mandatory office $$ donations, rent, etc. I am feeling the economic state of our country.  Boo to that!!  You will see lots of food being used up from my pantry and fridge this December!!


December 9, 2008 at 2:44 pm 10 comments

December Challenge

My December running challenge has officially begun!  I woke up this morning and had a hard time getting out of bed, but I reminded myself of my goal and did my usual 3 mile loop in the park.  It felt really nice getting back into my morning run before work routine.  It makes me feel so much more alert and ready to get things done when I push myself to exercise before work. img_21201 img_21221

I packed up a breakfast to go because I knew my monthly metro card ran out today and wanted to give myself time to buy one and get to work on time in case there was a line.  No line, but subway delays… grrr!  Oh well, I still got in at 8:40 – not bad.  Once at my desk I was finally able to relax, read some emails and have my brekkie: toasted spelt english muffin with strawberry jam and vegan “butter” spread.  So yummy!!  I actually like that stuff waaay better than butter – surprisingly my brother got me into it and he is definitely not vegan/vegetarian. img_21231

I also had my very last Chobani.  😦  It was strawberry flavored and I was so sad when I took the last spoonful.  I’ve made a promise with myself though and I’m not going to go to the grocery store for anything other than veggies or fruit for the next 2 weeks.   I hope this blog keeps me accountable!!  Basically I have so much food in my freezer and cabinets that I have no need to buy anything else (other than some fruit or lettuce) until I make a decent dent into my stores.  My wallet will be very appreciative!!  😀

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