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Here’s to a New Year

Good lord have I been MIA!!  Not for long my friends… I have so missed posting my culinary creations and I promise not to keep disappearing.  No, it won’t happen everyday, but that’s simply because between my job, planning my wedding (128 days until it’s here!), training for my 3rd marathon and trying to stay sane; everyday blogging is just out of the question.  So here’s the deal… I make something yummy, I post.  Works for you?

I figured since this was my first post of 2011 I should make this post about how I spent my New Years Eve, so here goes!  The fiance and I came back from skiing early and decided to ditch the whole NYC NYE mayhem and spent it indoors.  Which meant I had a lot of work to do!  I decided in the spirit of the occasion to make a whole lotta party food!  First up, BBQ Seitan Skewers and Texas Bean Sliders:  

I actually made my own seitan for this using the recipe for seitan cutlets in Veganomicon (aka the vegan bible).  I then cut the seitan into bites, slathered then with some Asian BBQ sauce I had and broiled then for a few minutes to firm up before putting on skewers.  Those little guys were tender!  For the Texas Bean Sliders I used another Veganomicon recipe with a few tweaks (I’ll post the changes I made later). I opted for mini sliders with avocado & tomato slices.  For the bread I cut a portuguese roll into 6 pieces and cut out some of the middle white part for thinner “bun” halves. 

Alongside the burgers & skewers I decided to add in some Vegan Caesar Salad after an amazing salad I had at the lovely V-Note in NYC.  I made them utensil-free by serving them in radicchio leaves with tiny pita bread crutons (rubbed with garlic).  Yes, the dressing was another Veganomicon recipe!! Clearly someone got a cookbook over Christmas…  

I was rushing to do so many things at once, at one point I had to be reminded that we were the only guests, so I could chill a little… 🙂  It was so worth it though!  As someone allergic to dairy (and a vegan 99% of the time) I def missed Caesar Salad and I loved the whole edible bowl part too! 

I also made some Cauliflower-Hummus dip & veggie crudite from the wonderful tome of vegan-ness, but unfortunately those didn’t make it into the picture.  Oh right and dessert?  How about champagne and frozen strawberries!!  I don’t know why, but I prefer when they’re frozen… 

And of course – a NYE kiss from my (second) favorite little man.  Happy 2011!! 


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Christmas countdown!

Tonight I am starting my official countdown to the holidays.  I have about a million different projects to do and only 24 days including today to do them all.  Can I get it all done??  We shall see.

In the interest of time I am going to make this a somewhat short post.  I was looking over my pictures and my accidental deletion from my camera wiped out all but 4 pictures from Thanksgiving, so it’s really not worth posting about.  It was a fantastic dinner though and I’m a little sad I can’t share it with all of you.  😦

I wanted to do something quick for dinner so I made a fast easy meal… Cali burgers, hot peas and salad.  I used my Ener-G Foods white rice hamburger bun and I have to say I was really disappointed.  Perhaps I toasted it too long??  It sort of had the consistency of cardboard and was impossible to bite into!  I am going to give these another shot though is hopes it was just my toasting that messed it up.IMG_2108 IMG_2110

I topped my bun with a generous amount of spinach, sliced plum tomato, Dijon mustard, ketchup and of course a Dr. Praeger’s California burger.  Yummies!IMG_2107 IMG_2112

I had a small spinach and tomato salad on the side tossed with some oil and vinegar.  I wanted to make butternut squash fries, but was sad to see that my butternut squash had started to rot.  Boo!!  In their place I had some canned sweet peas heated and tossed with salt + pepper.  I am in love with peas, so this wasn’t a total loss in my opinion.  Can’t tell you what I’m working on just yet, but I got to get to it!!  🙂    Goodnight lovies!

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