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After feeling totally rundown at the end of work, I came back, made the brother some Fried Rice with

Chicken and got a second wind. While I was cooking I snacked on a cup of frozen grapes and 2 Mother’s rice cakes… totally delicious!!! You can literally see the cheese on top – plus they’re all natural.


Could I have maybe just been getting the 5 o’clock itch?? Of course it may have had something to do with the fact that Peekay wouldn’t let me snooze this morning. I suppose it’s a bit like having a small child – you only sleep when they sleep.   Anyway, I took my newfound energy down to the gym for a quick warm-up on the treadmill and then some crunches holding dumbbells against my chest and lunges with dumbbells in hand. Nothing too spectacular, but I seriously can’t tell you how much it cleared my mind.

I came back upstairs trying to rack my brain for what I could make for dinner. I hadn’t defrosted any chicken, had given my rice and poached chicken to the brother, wasn’t in the mood for a veggie burger, soup, or any other prepared meal. Then I remembered – I had some lentils in the fridge that I cooked yesterday for part of my lunch that I could eat. I did a quick inventory of what was on hand and came up with a new take on “Brinner” (bfast for dinner for all you Scrubs fans) I call this concoction Lentil “Hash Browns” & Eggs:

Green salad w/ carrots topped with the rest of my homemade hummus (and some red wine vinegar as well). On a separate plate I made a bed of lentils, steamed carrots and steamed sweet potatoes (I was pre-cooking these for tomorrow night’s special dinner for the bf). I added in a tiny bit of minced garlic, salt and pepper, and heated it up in a pan. While that was warming I fried up an egg to serve over top. I ate this with some ketchup & a dallop of the Roasted Garlic-Carrot Cayenne Sauce (it’s HOT!). I was a little nervous about the flavors at first, but it ended up tasting soooo yummy!! Definitely something I’d make again.

I am sooo tired, I’m going to bail on watching the office tonight and go to bed as soon as I finish posting. Of course, I made sure to next T so that he can dvr it and watch it with me tomorrow while we sip some wine and eat the yummy dinner I have planned for him. Hasta mañana todos!


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