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National Running Day!

Happy National Running Day!!  Sorry for the break from posting, but I just got back from a mini vacation to Watch Hill, RI with the fiancé, older sister, brother-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family.  Twas deliciously relaxing  😉  I spent my time running on the beach (and learned it kills your calves), walking around town, reading and learning to play golf!  Um sadly I’m still sore from the 2-hour golf lesson on Monday, yet I’m totally fine from everything else… weird.

Anywho, I’m back and totally refreshed!  This morning I had planned on going swimming after work, but when I learned it was National Running Day I felt I just had to hit the pavement.  During my run I started thinking about my journey to where I am now… from a casual runner to a seasoned (well, 2 at least) marathoner!  After my last marathon I made a pact with myself that I would not sign up for another race until I could comfortably run 13+ miles without feeling completely drained afterwards.  Yes, I would love to run another marathon (and possibly a triathlon), but I don’t really like having to work my mileage from the ground up every time I compete.  My last marathon I was coming off an injury so I literally had to work up from not running at all for two months to being race ready.

My goal this year is to be able to run 20 miles without having to change around my schedule or be left hobbling around after in order to do so.  I am slowly upping my mileage, but if something comes up I’m not going to stress because I am not following a strict schedule.  I know lots of people run marathons almost every year, and I guess I just want to see how easy it is to sustain the high mileage to make that possible.

After a refreshing 4 miler I hit the showers and then tried to figure out dinner.  I settled on one of my new favs – dal!  I added about 1.5 cups of frozen peas, 5 chopped plum tomatoes, and doubled the amount of chilies in my regular Dal Recipe.  It rocked my world… just sayin’.  

I think I added a little too much water this time, but it still tasted perfecto – I just had to eat it with a spoon instead of just sticking to the pita scooping method.  Not only was this tasty, but it is such a cheap meal to make.  Music to my ears!!  

Someone was trying to scam on my dinner… 😉  Well I’m off to curl up with a good book and chillax.  I just started the book Sudden Sea: The Great Hurricane of 1938 about the hurricane that totally rocked the northeast & specifically Watch Hill, RI back during the Great Depression and I am completely enthralled.  G’night bloggies!


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Back on track

So I am finally done with my cleanse and happy to say it served it’s purpose in my opinion and I feel great.  Since I’m no longer marathon training I have been kind of struggling with the transition back to normal meals and snacks and the cleanse really helped me “press reset” if you will.  I was not doing this to lose weight as I am happy with my body as it is, but I did want to get back in touch with listening to my hunger.  You see, with all those extra miles I was logging I felt like I was eating for two!  I needed to make sure I was well fueled before and after my runs, but the problem was, once the running cut bak, the eating did not  😳  The cleanse does give your digestive system a rest, but it also is very helpful in making you become more in tune with your body and hunger levels.  For me it helps get back on track and stops those annoying sugar cravings – I swear once I have sugar or junk, it’s the only thing I can think about eating for days afterwards, and although I normally don’t cave into those feelings because I know it’s a vicious cycle and makes me feel worse, it’s just plain annoying.  Especially when on a normal day I’d take savory over sweet every time!

Anyway, the BluePrint Cleanse advises you stick to fruit only for the first day, but I know my body and I knew I couldn’t do that… the real key I think is just to slowly introduce solid foods that are easier to digest so as not to shock the system.  Even if you’re not vegan, I’d say it’s a good idea to stick to a vegan diet the first few days (although I’m not a Dr. – just going off what works for me).  Last night I had some veggies and wine even though I was technically ending the cleanse and had no problems so I figured it was fine to move away from just fruit today.  The morning started off with a glorious 7 mile run through Central Park followed by some fresh juice (green apple, pear, celery and carrot), and a monstrous green smoothie.  Mmm looks like toxic waste… 😉  

I don’t know what it is about these, but I actually like the subtle flavor the spinach gives.  Plus, they’re the most effective post-run drinks I’ve ever made… instant, easy to digest food for your muscles which reduces soreness and speeds up muscle recovery.  This particular mix had: Banana, maca powder, 1 tsp instant coffee granules, a few sprigs fresh mint, Vegan protein powder, vanilla extract, chia seeds, 1.5 cups water and about 6 ice cubes.  Yummers!!

Today was gorgeous out so I took full advantage and did a whole lot of walking around.  There was a quick stop to Slice for a bite of deelish vegan pizza (2nd Ave between 73rd & 74th St – check it out) and then there were some various nibbles throughout the day…   Hummus = love.

Well I’m going to go read for a bit… I just started Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes and I am totally engrossed!  Enjoy your evening lovies!!

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