I cannot tell a lie!

March 19, 2010 at 5:49 pm Leave a comment

Did you guys figure out which one of those statements were true?  No?  It was #5!  I went skydiving with my fiance (then bf) for his 21st birthday!!  I’ve been dying to do it again, but nobody wants to go with me.  😦

1.  I’ve been a vegetarian since I was in high school. – Although I’ve gone off and on since I was about 13, I actually only recently gave up all fish & meat.  We’ll see how well it sticks because I’m obsessed with sushi!

2.  I don’t like wine – gives me headaches. – Ahh this is the furthest from the truth! I LOVE wine.

3.  I love mushrooms (not the magical kind). – Mushrooms are actually the one vegetable I really don’t like eating.  Mixed into sauces and soups I’ll still eat them though.

4.  I’ve been to a bull-fight in Spain while I was living there. – Although I did live in Spain for a while, I am morally opposed to bull-fighting.

5.  I’ve gone skydiving. – Yessir!  It was fabulous.  My jump buddy/instructor (I went tandem) even let us do flips in the air!

6.  I once met Robert Pattinson.  – Only in my dreams.  Sigh…

7.  I live in Cali. – Once again, only in my dreams.


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