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So I’ve been trying to focus a little more on trying to tone/strengthen my muscles (namely my arms) although I am a little lacking in my knowledge of proper arm exercises… or anything involving weights for that matter.  I spent a little while sifting through’s workout and I found a few that I’m interested in trying tonight.  That is, if I actually get around to working out today!  Here are the ones I want to try:


Love Handles exercise:

·          Stand up with your feet shoulder width apart. Fold arms and hold the dumbbells close to your body at shoulder level. Flex your hips and legs to make sure your legs remain still while bending sideways.

·          Bend to the left from the waist only and extend your right hand to the left. Return to the start position and bring the arm back to the body. Bend to the right in the same way and extend your left hand to the right.

Biceps curl:

The general population probably already knows how to do these, but for us beginners…

·          Standing with feet shoulder width apart grab two dumb bells and let them rest at your side. Tensing your bicep curl one dumb bell up and twist it so that when the dumb bell reaches its top position near your shoulder your palm is facing your shoulder. As you lower this dumb bell down to its starting position repeat with the opposite arm.

Triceps exercise:

·          From standing position, lift your arms up around your head. Bent elbows to the back and lift them. For this exercise is important not to feel tension in your waist. For more stability bend a little your knees and monitor not to feel any discomfort in your waist. Do 3 sets, each from 10 reps. When bend elbows inhale, when lift them exhale.


**According to my online reading it is important to work both the biceps and triceps in order to get an all-over toned look.


I don’t think I’m going to have a ton of time to workout today, but my plan is to go for a run, do these arm exercises in the middle and then finish up with another short run.  Sounds waaay more aggressive than it actually will be 🙂  Of course, let’s hope this actually happens; unlike yesterday when I left work and decided “maybe I won’t work out today….”  Hehe, oh well.  Off to figure out a good recipe for dinner tonight.


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Oh the turmoil… Tapas night!!

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